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Our Minister's Letter

Dear Friends,

I love the autumn season especially watching how the colours of the leaves change from green to various shades of brown, russet and gold before falling to the ground and making a brightly coloured carpet as they fall to the ground. Autumn is also the time of year for the annual celebration of Harvest as we gather to remember and give thanks to God for all that He provides for us day by day and throughout the year. The apple tree in the manse garden has produced a good crop of apples this year and Dave and I are currently enjoying some home grown vegetables onions, carrots, potatoes and beans.

None of this would have been possible if Dave and I had not planted the seeds and watered them and nurtured the tender plants. But neither of us can claim to make the seeds grow. That is Godís doing. It is God who makes all things grow blessing us with flowers that delight the eye and food that we can eat.

In 1 Corinthians 3:9 the apostle Paul uses an agricultural metaphor to speak about how he and Apollos were both involved in helping people to respond to the gospel message and grow in faith. He emphasises how they were both working together but that ultimately it is God who gives the growth. ďI sowed the seed, Apollos watered the plant but it was God who made the plant grow.Ē

Both Paul and Apollos were doing the work that God had given them to do. They each do different things but they worked together. Their efforts are complimentary parts of a single agricultural project. And the church, to complete the metaphor, is Godís field. What matters is the fruitful cultivation of the harvest.

We all have a part to play in helping the Church to grow Ė both spiritually and numerically. God has given us all different but complimentary gifts and calls each of us to serve him in different ways. Some of us are called to plant the seeds of the gospel of Godís love and forgiveness as we share our faith with others and talk about the difference that knowing Jesus makes to our lives. Others are called to water and care for the plants that grow as a result of the seeds that others have planted.

But we always have to remember that while God may use us to share the gospel message it is God alone who enables people to come to faith and discover the new life that he offers to us all in Christ.

As we celebrate our harvest let us remember that we are Godís co-workers, sharing in a common mission of planting and growing the kingdom of God. The challenge for us is - how much planting and watering are we doing?

Every blessing to you all,



autumn tree